COVID-19 Information

Our Part

We take the safety of our guests seriously! We’ve implemented a few safety measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep our guests healthy, which includes strictly following safety guidelines:

  1. Before every shift, staff members must complete a temperature check and are required to report any symptoms they may be experiencing.
  2. Our team is responsible for frequently washing their hands and wearing appropriate face coverings.
  3. We thoroughly clean and sanitize our public spaces between guest groups.
  4. We aren’t offering indoor taproom seating at this time.
  5. All beer garden tables are spaced at distances greater than 6 feet apart.

Your Part

We’re lucky to have an amazing outdoor space that provides plenty of room for adequate social distancing, but we ask that guests help us keep our staff and other visitors safe when visiting our Beer Garden:

  1. If you’re feeling ill, please stay home!
  2. Limit your groups to six members or less, and please leave your pet(s) at home. No party busses at this time please.
  3. A mask or proper facial covering is required when not seated at your table, including when entering our establishment.
  4. Refrain from co-mingling, moving furniture and combining adjacent seating areas.
  5. As all alcohol orders require a valid ID, we ask that guests place their IDs on their table in clear view of our servers. If you’re wearing a mask at your table, our servers may ask that you quickly remove your mask to verify identification.

We appreciate you taking our precautions seriously.

We’ll see you in the Beer Garden!

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