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September 26th, 2016



Frequently Asked Questions-

As we strive to deliver a positive and unique experience to everyone that walks through our door, we wanted to compile a list of the most commonly asked questions explaining our layout, process, beer, food, take out, etc.

Do you fill growlers?
YES! We sell and fill our own growler containers.  We will also fill other breweries growlers that are standard 64oz glass.  Unfortunately, we are unable to fill stainless or other types of growlers due to our pressurized growler filler.
What is the growler filler?
We fill all of our growlers off of a counter-pressure bottle filler.  This allows us to purge all oxygen out of the container, pressurize the container to a PSI slightly less than the head pressure on the keg from which we are filling. The benefits??? Zero beer waste! No oxygen! No CO2 loss!
How long will my growler last?
Let’s be honest, you’re going to share your growler with friends within a couple days. However, through personal experience and customer experience, we can tell you that it will last for weeks if not months if you keep it cold/out of light/unopened.  Multiple claims have been four weeks with perfect carbonation, aroma and flavor.
Do you distribute?
We have shipped a few kegs throughout the Traverse City area.  Our intentions are to self-distribute kegs to bars and restaurants in the Grand Rapids area late Fall 2016/Winter 2017.
Do you have bottles/cans?
As of this post date, we do not have bottles or cans.
Where do I order?
Because we encourage our guests to explore the taproom, beer garden and hop garden, we offer Pub Style Service (Order at the Bar).  Our friendly staff will always be walking around the beer garden and taproom and are more than happy to help.
Do you use all of your own hops?
2016 was our first harvest in which we were able to use our own hops in a Harvest Ale.  The hops on our property will only yield enough for 1-2 wet-hopped batches.
Where do you source your hops from?
We source as many local hops as possible.  This allows us to visit the farms, speak with the farmers and sample the product before using in our brews.
Are Dogs allowed?
We love dogs! Unfortunately, Leelanau County Health Department does not allow dogs in areas that serve food.  Our expansive beer garden does fall in to one of those areas which does not allow us to have dogs.
Can I bring in my own food and drink?
We have a full menu with appetizers, salads, children’s menu, sandwiches etc.  The only alcohol consumption that is allowed on our property is what we serve.  Please no outside food or drink.
Do you host weddings?
We do not host weddings.  We do offer a reserved space for wedding receptions during normal business.
How long have you been open for?
We opened our taproom in April 2015.
Do you offer flights/samplers?
How frequently does your beer and food menu change?
Our beer menu is constantly rotating!  Please check website for updated taplist.  We offer a summer menu and Fall/Winter/Spring menu.
Am I allowed to take my beer into the beer garden?
YES! We have a spacious 3/4 acre beer garden in which we encourage you to explore.
Do you have live music?
We offer live music from Memorial Day – Columbus Day in the beer garden.
Are you open year round? 
YES! Don’t be surprised if you see large groups standing by the multiple fire pits during a snow storm. Please check our website for current hours.
Do you offer Mug clubs or any other clubs?
We are currently offering a 1 year Mug Club Membership for $75.  Stop by the taproom for details.
Do you sell merchandise or have an online store?
We’ve got swag. Shirts, hoodies, glassware, stickers, hats and more!  Our online store is coming!
Where did you get your outdoor tables?
Steve’s Father-in-law, Papa Pete, built these heavy bastards.  Why is there a slit in each board?  Simply, to prevent warping.

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