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BEER!, To-go Bottle Variety Packs, Construction Update

March 12th, 2015




Beer beer beer!  We’ve got it, we’ve got more coming and we can’t wait to let you sample it!  Steve’s been working his ass off in the brewery to bring you a solid opening day line up with 10 varieties including: Blonde Ale, Amber, American Brown, Pale Ale, IPA, Wheat IPA, Red IPA, Black IPA, Vanilla Porter, Stout.   Keep in mind, that’s finished beer… Steve will have more fermenting and ready for an open tap!


We want to thank the Northern Michigan Homebrewer’s guild for stopping by last month and attending an “off-flavor” tasting event led by Steve.  The event focused on common off-flavors homebrewer’s experience throughout their brewing process and what steps they can take towards enhancing their own quality control.


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We recently got our shipment of 16 oz bottles, growlers, tasters and nonic pints!

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Well how are we going to fill them you ask?  Check out our custom made counter-pressure bottling line!  Why counter-pressure over standard growler filling methods?  Our counter-pressure line blows CO2 into the bottle which purges the oxygen out, creates a seal and allows a perfect flow of beer with zero waste.  By not allowing oxygen into the bottle, your 16oz bottle or growler will stay fresher longer and will taste exactly as it does right off the tap.

We’ll offer growlers and our new 16oz bottles giving you the option to create your own varitey pack!

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We want to thank our dad, Scott Lutke, and his friends Tom Rewa, Mike Roberts, Tony Hernandez and Jeff McQueen all of Holland, MI for making us this kickass custom bottling line!



Building construction is finally complete!  It’s been 10 extremely quick and exciting months for us as we have literally built this building from the hole in the ground up to the 30ft cathedral ceiling!  We have a few items on our list including the bar top and our reclaimed wall that will be finished next week and then it’s time to bring in the inspectors for final approval!  We’ll keep you posted on all of our social media pages on our anticipated opening date pending the approvals.  Again, we appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm throughout the past 10 months!  We’re looking forward to having you visit us and more importantly, drinking beer!


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