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UPDATE…Let’s touch base!

April 3rd, 2014
Hop Lot Brewing Co. tasting

A lot has happened over the past few months and we want to bring you up to speed to our current state.

We made new friends in February as old friends and family joined us in Suttons Bay to learn more about our project and of course sample some ‘home brews’!  The tasting event included detailed drawings of our tasting room/hop garden/beer garden, samplings of 9 ‘home brews’, and Q&A with the brewers.  The feedback received was incredible so we decided that it would probably be a good idea to keep brewing and moving forward with our project.

To help push Hop Lot Brewing closer to opening, we made sure to surround ourselves with professionals that share our passion and vision.

Building Architect: We’ve been working with our architect to bring our ideas to paper with the hopes of beginning construction in the next few weeks.  Let’s just say the building is designed to embrace its surroundings!

Civil Engineer: Our CE put together a site plan that focused on maximizing our available outdoor space.  The Village of Suttons Bay agreed that the site plan looked awesome by unanimously voting for site plan approval back in February!  By approving the plan, we’ll now be able to build and operate our brewery on the site as laid out in the plan.

Last but certainly not least… SENT LICENSING PAPERWORK to the TTB and MLCC.  It was a daunting and strenuous task that involved many sleepless nights and quite a few pints!  After much thought of brewery production layout, waste management, legal issues, etc., we are thrilled to announce that our licensing paperwork has been submitted to the TTB and the MLCC.  Now we sit back and cross our fingers (while drinking a beer) that we included everything.  If the paperwork is filed correctly, we’ll expect to get a Brewers Notice from the TTB allowing us to start brewing on our equipment!

We appreciate everyone’s support and excitement with Hop Lot Brewing Co. as we continue to move forward and come closer to our opening!  If everything falls into place, we’ll see you at our Grand Opening in early July!!!


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