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What’s in a Brewery name?

November 17th, 2013
Kenzie Hop Lot

Hop Lot Brewery


What’s in a brewery name?

For our first official blog post, we’d like to start by explaining what’s behind the name, Hop Lot Brewing Co.  It all started when, in 2011, we purchased a few (dozen) hop plants to grow for our homebrew. We tilled our land, planted the rhizomes, watered like crazy and waited anxiously for the hops to pop out of the ground. Little by little, we added plants, trained the ones that continued to grow, and pulled the weeds (lots of weeds).  By the end of the summer we had realized that we had a nice hop garden going. It turned out to be way more exciting to us than it probably should have.

We began playing around with the idea of expanding onto some nearby land to grow hops commercially. While talking with the local farmers, the recurring idea of a hop farm with a brewery tasting room really caught our attention. We already brewed beer, so why not? But, if we were really going to do this, we’d need a name. We had a “lot” (land), and we were going to grow hops on it. Simple enough.

Because we lived in Chicago, we would make frequent trips up to Suttons Bay for extended weekends to be with our family and, of course, check on the hops. When we packed up the car and told our dogs to jump in, naturally, we’d tell them that they were going to the Hop Lot. The more and more we referenced up north and the hop garden as the Hop Lot, it inevitably gained traction.

This blog will be used to document our ongoing story. As of this post, we’ve been actively working at getting Hop Lot Brewing Co. off the ground for over a year and a half. Our posts will include every major struggle, development, adventure, upcoming event, as well as things we find interesting and relevant to our brewery and to the brewing industry. If you’ve ever been curious about what it takes to get a brewery from conception to serving the first beer, now is the time to start following.  In closing, we can’t thank you enough for the support we’ve received to this point. We promise to not disappoint.

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